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Cigars and Psychology

Cigars can tell a lot about people characters to attentive listener. There’s much that can be learned from the way smoker holds a cigar.

An interesting article headed "Sigaromanzia" from Il Tabacco, famous Italian almanac issued in the early 1920s, contained 12 positions of the hand holding the cigar along with captions describing the psychological characteristics of the smoker.

The Italian psychologists must have been right. A team of modern experts performed a similar experiment and the results were approximately the same. Thus in order to find out something new about people you talk to, just take a closer look at them!

A good psychologist, a fine orator

Fair-minded, sane

A man of his word, though irritable and passionate

Self-willed, sprightly, communicative

Imposing, elegant

Calm, determined

Tough, selfish

Vengeful, practical

An individualist, a trimmer


Distrustful, skeptic

Kind, hospitable, talkative, democratic

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