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Choosing a Cigar

Every cigar is a unique identity. You'll never find two similar cigars. Though they are made according to certain recipes, they are hand made and that means every cigar carries part of the twister's soul.

Today tobacco shops offer cigars to fit almost everyone's taste. Those who are experienced in smoking cigars know what they like and what to choose. And what if you are a novice and only plan to join the aficionados? Here come some advices on how to choose a cigar.

If you are used to buying the most expensive things, it's a nice principle to stick to when choosing cigars. Good cigars cost a lot. They are made of the best tobacco leaves and by the leading experts of the industry.

All cigars can be divided into two main categories: hand made and machine made cigars. First consist of solid tobacco leaves and hand twisted. Machine made cigars are actually the shredded tobacco which turns into a cigar using special equipment. Hand made cigars belong to the premium class, cost a lot and preferred by those who know what they offer. Machine made cigars are somewhat worse in quality, but offer a considerably lower price.

Some manufacturers use aroma additives in their machine made cigars. The taste of tobacco is suppressed with various aromas - for instance, those of coffee, chocolate, cherry or vanilla. Such cigars usually have a low price, but a rare aficionado would ever buy an aromatized cigar.

Mostly often cigars are supplied to the shops in special containers by 10, 20, 25 and even 50 units. However, we do not recommend buying the whole container even if you can easily afford it. It is wiser to buy several different cigars and smoke them to choose some you like most.

Many manufacturers pack every cigar into plastic coverings to keep the tender tobacco leaves safe. However, hand made Cuban cigars always stay "nude". Therefore, if you see a Cuban cigar packed in plastic it is a machine made species.

Now let's talk about the cigars countries of origin.

Cuban cigars are probably the strongest in the world. They have a very rich taste and bright, complex aroma with arboreal notes. Coffee, caramel, bitter chocolate - all these notes can be found in a Cuban cigar. Dominican cigars are a great contrast to their Cuban counterparts. Soft and sweetish flavor and delicate aroma, pleasant notes of flowers and herbs, vanilla and milk chocolate - all these features make Dominican cigars a great choice for the novices at cigar smoking.

Brazilian cigars have a very rich taste; Nicaraguan varieties are very much similar to Cuban cigars due to many experts. Cigars from Mexico, USA and Honduras will cater to the tastes of those, who like somewhat milder tobacco products.

There are over a dozen of various cigar formats = vitola = shape (vitola is a combination of length, diameter and form) and each of them has its own history and unique characteristics. It is difficult to recommend one - a wise decision will be to try all of them and choose the one you like. Generally, experience comes with time. Soon you will know what brands, formats you prefer and what country your favorite cigars should come from.

Welcome to the lines of cigar aficionados!

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