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Vegas Robaina cigars

Vegas Robaina

Don Alejandro Pack Of 3

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Pack Of 3

Price: $55

3 cigars

Don Alejandro Pack Of 3

Double Corona/Prominente


Made from premium quality tobacco leaves, this Double Corona has already reserved his place in the court of legendary cigars. I think that it will be between the Hoyo Double Corona and the Saint Luis Rey Prominente but the Don alejandro needs one or two years to improve himself.


pack of 3 cigars


Length: 194 mm
Diameter: 19.45 mm
Ring gauge: 49

Before lighting up

vegetal and woody aromas are mixed with hints of spicy but oily notes.


Mild and well balanced. Smooth, vegetal and floral, it reminds us the perfume of a green nature after a rainy day. We appreciate sweet notes delivered from time to time. While approaching the second third, this cigar becomes more spicy and it goes on until reaching the "purin". The final is spicy and oily.


For the moment the Don Alejandro is not yet a masterpiece, but don't give a hasty judgement. It's a blockbuster that will improve with age.

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