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Ramon Allones
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Allones Superiores Box Of 10 Corona Gorda 10
Belicosos Belicoso/Campana 25
Belvederes Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Gigantes Double Corona/Prominente 25
Small Club Coronas Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25
Specialy Selected Robusto 25
Specialy Selected In Cab Of 50 Robusto 50
In an early date of the history of Habanos as 1845, Ramon Allones established his namesake brand. These are very stylish cigars whose sizes and shapes are carefully chosen. This small brand, produces some machin made cigars, and especially a very limited quantity of legendary Hand made cigars: Gigantes, the 8-9-8 and the Specially Selected. The 8-9-8 Ramon Allones cigars in their varnished version (Dalia) have won preference even among discriminating smokers.

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