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Punch cuban cigars

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Coronations Tube Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Petit Coronation Tube Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Punch Punch Corona Gorda 25
Punch Punch Tubos Box Of 10 Corona Gorda 10
Black Prince Corona Gorda 25
Churchills Churchill/Julieta 25
Churchills Aluminium Tube Churchill/Julieta 25
Churchills Slb Cab Of 50 Churchill/Julieta 50
Coronas Corona 25
Coronas Slb Cab Of 50 Corona 50
Double Coronas Double Corona/Prominente 25
Double Coronas Slb Double Corona/Prominente 50
Margaritas Carolina 25
Mini Cigarillos Tin of 20 Cigarillo 20
Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Petit Coronas Del Punch Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Petit Coronas Tubos Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Petit Punch Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25
Punch Punch Slb Cab Of 50 Corona Gorda 50
Royal Coronations Corona 25
Royal Selection No. 11 Slb Corona Gorda 25
Royal Selection No. 12 Slb Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Super Selection No. 1 Slb Cab Of 50 Corona Grande 50
Tres Petit Coronas Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25
Don Manuel Lopez, owner of the J. Valle y Cia, established the Punch brand in 1840, intended for the British market where a nickname comic book was in fashion. The comedian Mr. Punch, a cigare in hand, is still the outstanding figure in the box decoration of these coveted mid-taste Habanos. It soon became a Habano of indisputable quality in the marketplace. This tremendous popularity of Punch amongst the British also trapped Sir Winston Churchill who gave in to the temptation to visit the Monte y Zulueta factory during his stay in Havana. The British politician ended up giving his name to a size of this brand.

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