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H Upmann Travel Humidor

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Price: $279

H Upmann Travel Humidor

Habanos introduces another product exclusively made for the Travel Retail and Duty Free channel: The H.Upmann Travel Humidor. Last year the Montecristo Travel Humidor was a hit among Habanos-loving frequent flyers. Its beautiful design became a favourite choice for smokers that usually travel around the globe. These travel humidors are especially designed for those Habanos lovers on-the-go. Wherever they choose to go, they don't ever leave their smokes behind. Now the H.Upmann Travel Humidor gives consumers another chance to get the latest exclusivity for the Duty Free and Travel Retail. For the first time, the Robusto size is released under the H.Upmann brand. H.Upmann's exceptional quality has set the standard for premium cigars since it was born as a brand in 1844, reaching an important position in the world of Habanos. All leaves in H. Upmann are from the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region and they are long filler, premium cigars totally hand made. Its excellence regarding the quality of their cigars is shown in the shape of gold medals in no less than eleven international exhibitions during the 19th Century. Robustos from H.Upmann will only be available in this presentation being a great opportunity for those who are devoted to the delightful aroma and delicate flavour of the brand. The Robusto is a trendy size nowadays. Along its dimensions (50 ring gauge and 124 mm long) smokers are able to find plenty of flavours in a short smoke. Light-weighted, practical and stylish at the same time, this compact humidor comes wrapped in genuine leather with the iron-stamped brand logo on the side. The H.Upmann Travel Humidor is the best option for travellers who don't want to leave their smokes at home but to keep them in perfect conditions, ready to be enjoyed anytime they please. Easy to carry, to keep and to use, the H.Upmann Travel Humidor will be surely becoming a preference among cigar smokers. Cigars are totally safe and comfortable inside, protected against the humidity and temperature changes and sudden movements. It is important to know that the lower zipper grants access to the humidifier located at the bottom so the user can get the sponge moistened without worrying about the cigars which are firmly adjusted in the wooden mould. The launching of this exclusive product will take place in Cannes while the Tax Free World Exhibition is held, Tuesday night, October 23rd at the Noga Hilton Hotel where the H.Upmann Cocktail is specially set for the occasion. There Habanos s.a. Exclusive Distributors, Casas del Habano retailers at the Trade Channel, Duty Free Operators and clients, Habanos s.a and Tabacuba Business Group Executives, media and specialized journalists will be invited to attend among others. This exclusive product will be available from December on at the Global Travel Retail


Leather humidor containing 6 cigars.


Length: 124 mm
Diameter: 19.84
Ring gauge: 50

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cuban H Upmann Travel Humidor

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